Bot Commands

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Bot Commands


Provides help information sensitive to the context. It will only display commands to which you have access in the channel that you’ve issued the -help command.

-accept <answer>

This command is used to accept the server guidelines and be fully admitted to the server.


Subnet calculator functions

-ipcalc info <cidr|ipaddr subnetmask>

Aliases: -ipcalc ipc,-ipcalc subnetinfo

Provides network, broadcast, first usable, and last usable addresses and subnet mask.

The following examples are functionally equivalent:

-ipcalc info
-ipcalc info

-ipcalc collision <ipcidr1> <ipcidr2>

Aliases: -ipcalc overlap,-ipcalc cc

Provide an answer as to whether the IPs’ subnets overlap.


-ipcalc collision


Modify your roles.

-role org

Used to control your organization role. Organization roles are email-validated roles on the Discord server in the format org:<domain> to demonstrate affiliation with your employer or school. For example, a user with an email domain of may have the role Currently, only one organization role is permitted per user at a time.

-role org clear

Remove any organization roles currently set.

-role org set <key>

Confirm an organization role using the key from your email. The key, as well as the exact command to use, will be emailed to you when you use the -sendkey <email> command.

Once you submit this command, you will be emailed a verification code and command to confirm your affiliation.

Example use:

-role org set verylongwalloftextthatyou'vebeenemailed=

-sendkey <email>

Obtain an email verification key for use with other commands such as -role org set. Use this for each email address that will need verification. This command may be issued in DM for privacy.